Saturday, March 25, 2017


Now that the Ryan Trump Health (don't) care bill was pulled before it could go down in defeat the blame game starts. I will cut to the chase-- both Ryan and Trump showed how ineffective they are in governing and policy making. Ryan had the past 7 years to work on a replacement--but since he only needed to have it voted down, and was protected by Obama's veto, he did not do the heavy lifting of policy making and coalition building. What he did produce was inchoate, and heinous. Trump also showed how ineffectual he is in governing, and though he brought in the disparate republican groups-- he did not realize/know/understand that the horrible 10 changes that the all white male Freedom Caucasus presented would further split the Republican party. (Could be because his "advisors" and cabinet are unsophisticated in governing and policy-making in a democracy--i.e., they are incompetent in this sphere). And, then the two had the audacity to blame the Democrats, for not coming to the table--a. they were not invited, and 2. while they agree that there are tweaks needed, they are not about to repeal the ACA and replace it with garbage. My advice: learn to govern, and govern for ALL Americans not just the top 2%. see:

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