Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh, Those Pesky Facts

It has been evident for quite a while that this administration, from the President on down, does not bother themselves with facts. They rather would rely on their belief in something, their gut feelings, or the politically more advantegeous (to them) course of action.

Today's (7/11/07) news highlights just a few examples:

The Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona (2002-2006) told a Congressional panel that he was not allowed to report on or speak about: AIDs crisis, sit on a second hand smoke report, stem cell, emergency contraception,sex education or prison, mental or global health issues." He was also told not to attend the Special Olympics because the Kennedy Family was involved. He was told he needed to mention the President's name 3 x on each page of any speech... Carmona said the administration made decisions about PUBLIC HEALTH based on political concerns NOT scientific facts.

Michael Chertoff, secretary for homeland security said he had "a gut feeling" that there will be an al Qaeda attack here in the US this summer because "Summertime seems to be appealing to them. We worry that they are rebuilding their activities." What facts? Gut feelings and worry will make us safer. [Basically this seems to be a CYA in case there is an attack, we have already been forewarned...and thus, the administration is off the hook....]

And then there is our Attorney General who has not only forsaken the Constitution, but front of the Senate, and the public concerning the federal prosecutors, and with the President using the newly enlarged shield of presidential executive privilege he is able to do so.

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