Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Post-election Thoughts

Congrats to the winners...but listen to the drumbeat, and learn.

Major lesson number one: We need more people being groomed for candidacy and office. If qualified candidates are not sitting on the bench, what the Republicans experienced in many races, such as the NY Gubernatorial one when they ran basically a non-candidates (can you say: Lazio), it opened the door for others to jump in, such as the Tea Party candidates. Christine O'Donnell was correct in her assessment that if the GOP had backed her candidacy right away, things might have been a bit different--but she lost (as did most of the Republicans in Delaware by 20%).

We actually might be witnessing the death of a political party (the Republicans really have to re-invent themselves) if not political parties...since the 1930s their major function has been grooming potential candidates. But ever since 1980 when Anderson ran as an independent after not getting the Republican nod for President, people have not been registering in political parties (except for in closed primary states, such as NY), and people outside the party apparatus have run, and in some cases won the primaries, and the election. Or, maybe we will see more third parties step up....

On another note:
My prediction for the House, even though it has a republican majority, not all of the tea partiers fit comfortably under the republican tent, nor do they all understand the purpose and workings of government.
S0, the so-called R majority will split, or tend to be a lot more conservative...and produce gridlock, since the Senate is still democratic... This, btw, is what the founders had in mind when they talked about a limited government--they did not foresee the two houses agreeing on much legislation...thus, limiting government.


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