Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This is not good for Children

The Texas Legislature has a bill in front of it that would allow not only faith-based adoption agencies but all others to refuse to allow Jewish, Muslim or LGBTQ families to adopt children. This is not in the best interest of children, and it is unconstitutional. Other Five States are doing the same, only South Dakota's ban extends to state agencies.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Not As Individuals

We seem to have become a nation of individuals-- interested only in what affects us, and how much we are to gain. We need to not act as individuals if we are to save our democratic republic from the onslaught that is Trump & his cronies actions. Please see the recent GOP congressional repeal & replacement of the ACA (Obamacare). Their proposal indicates to be that for all their pro-life rhetoric, they do not really care for living humans-- this proposal would remove people from health insurance, especially those who might need it. The list of pre-existing conditions basically includes most women, the elderly, the other and those who are unfortunate not to be born rich. (Funny, that erectile dysfunction is not a pre-existing condition). We are not alone: Elsewhere, in the name of animal rights, Belgium's Walloon region has banned kosher & halal butchering (butchering animals without stunning them first). This is exactly the same first act that the Nazis proposed and passed when they took power. Again, in the name of animal rights. When only Jewish people protested, the Nazi government knew they could disenfranchise, and eliminate Jews.…/belgian-region-walloon-bans-… We need to recover our civic engagement, our quest for the public good. The good point of Trump's election is that America is woke. We need to be vigilant and to take action. We need to speak truth to their lies. We need to pay attention to all that affects our community, not that which just affects ourselves! We need to work together as allies for our public good. We also need to be wary of state governments that are trying to make protest illegal or expensive--that is unconstitutional-- we were founded by real patriots who protested!…/oklahoma-governor-signs-anti-pr…/

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