Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Yes, DJT earned a lot of money in 2005 ( and paid his taxes--though less of a percentage than most people's, and without the Alternative Minimum Tax, he would have paid about 4%-- less than the lowest income bracket). BUT those 12 year old 2 pages do not tell the whole story. We need to know who he is beholden to TODAY and how that affects his policy proposals. The shiny 2 pages also distracts the media ( and us) from 1. the Russian Connections (and now the Chinese Connections) with him and his family and his administration; 2. The unsupported tweet that accused Obama of wire tapping Trump Towers; 3. The abysmal replacement legislation proposed for Americans' healthcare (caring only for the CEO's of the health insurance companies, caring NOT for the Americans who need the coverage); 4. today is the day that the new Muslim BAN becomes operational; 5. The perjurers who of members of his cabinet; and 6. his obstruction of truth, justice and the American way. He has commented/Tweeted on Snoop Dog, but not on Rep. King's or any of the other white nationalists' comments. We need to remind him he works for ALL of us. We shall not be distracted.

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