Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 63

The Ryan-Trump Health Care Act was supposed to be voted on today. It is NOT a health care act; in fact it should be called: Hell We Don't Care it is a Tax Break for the 1% and their corporations. The authors of this so-called act do not understand how insurance risk pools work; they think its like a cafeteria, don't want coverage for pre-natal care cause you are a man and don't get pregnant-- don't pay for it--(even though it does take a male and a female to get preggers, but that's another lesson). 0nly pay for what you need NOW. As 45 said "Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated." The fact that after 7+ years the GOP has not come up with a workable replacement, is an indication that they do not know how to make do-able policy and govern. The fact that what they have come up with-- to the best of anyone's knowledge, since we all have not seen it-- is a draconian and hateful policy. For those of the Representatives who call themselves pro-life, this is not a pro-life health care program-- there is no coverage for pre-natal care (because the men don't need it-- see the illogic in paragraph 1).

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