Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 60 & Spring equinox

Spring! Our winter doldrums should subside and the snow melt... which brings me to what we need to really focus on (besides Gorsuch hearings, Investigation of Russian interference and collaboration, health care proposals and our civil rights): the environment. 1. Pay attention to who is being appointed to environmental commissions. For instance, Bill Cooper is the proposed director of the White House Council of Environmental Quality. This is the council that oversees the implementation of the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA). He is a fossil fuels advocate and is pro=fracking. 2. The US & Saudi Arabia are pressuring the G20 to remove any mention of climate change from their communiques. 3. The "America First" Trump Budget, like his administration, is pro-big oil and not so much for Mother Earth, our children or us. (read it for yourself: 4. Peak Oil is predicted for the late 2020-2030 (, so why build pipelines (which become sunk assets); remove mileage standards from new cars; and not seek alternative sustainable energy?

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