Monday, March 06, 2017

46 days of abnormal

It is day 46 of the # 45 's administration. It is an administration that is full of distractions and lies. Our public discourse is in shambles. Facts do not seem to matter. Intelligence gathered is not accepted. #45 is very good with propaganda, and we are sucking it up-- "give him a chance" moderates cry. He accepts no responsibility for the consequences of his actions. It was because of HIS order that the Yemen raid took place. He knows no history, and has not realized the difference between business and governing. He IS getting richer off his position, the average American is getting poorer ( each weekend visit he makes to Palm Springs costs us $3million, his son has asked to be able to hire foreign nationals at the Trump Winery ( so much for hire Americans). He has imposed a federal hiring freeze, and is cutting federal jobs--(so much for more jobs). Our democracy is sliding into an authoritarian state. Our borders are being closed to trade and people. Tourism is already down by 25%. Vetted refugees are being refused entry. At our borders women & children are being separated, ICE officers are raiding hospitals and churches. Laws are being signed into being that allow for polluting, and bribery. # 45 is being advised by white nationalists. The cabinet is overrun with secretaries who are incompetent at best. They aim to dismantle the very agencies that they are charged with heading. Do not NORMALIZE. Question. Make your local, state and federal representatives to do their jobs and uphold the Constitution. They work for US! Remind them daily. Get involved. Think about running for office yourself.

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