Wednesday, December 01, 2010

World AIDS Day--Dec. 1

While this is WORLD AIDS Day I think we need to look at what is happening here in the US. Some things to think about:

Thirty years ago the AIDS pandemic started. Yet, just last year in the US 54,000 people were newly infected with HIV. We need to be doing better at HIV/AIDS prevention.
72% of all the women in the US with AIDS/HIV contract it HIV through heterosexual intercourse with bisexual men or men on the down low or men who are intravenous drug users or men are HIV+ for whatever reason who do not use protection. Latinas and African-American women make up 80% of the HIV/AIDS cases, though they are only 25% of the female population. Marriage does not protect women from HIV/AIDS. We need to be doing better at HIV/AIDS prevention.

Here is President Obama's proclamation for today:

Here is the National HIV/AIDS Strategy:


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