Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trickle down still in effect, or its still the economy

It seems that Congress still believes in Reagan's trickle down theory of economics. There are tax cuts for the wealthy and the connected, bailouts for the banks, two expensive very long term wars that were not necessary or have completely changed missions. There is not enough for those who need a safety net, who have lost their jobs, who are still losing their homes.
Coupled with the oil spill in the Gulf which is having a very negative affect on not only the environment, the food chain, animals, but those whose livelihoods depend on the oil industry, fishing, tourists. . .
IF our economy is going to turn around, it needs to do so with a solid base of workers who could then afford the costs of living, and who then may be able to spend.

My suggestion to Congress and the President [with a big reminder that the median household income in 2009 was $52,029--only twenty percent of households have incomes over $100,000]:
Extend unemployment benefits in the short term.
Use half the BP monies to train (and pay) the workers in the Gulf states on environmental cleanup--from animals, to beaches, to the waters.
Extend aid to states, so that education and other necessaties are not cut, because of state budget cuts.
Put some real money into alternative energy.
Focus on our failing infrastructure -- bridges, sewers, water tunnels, mass transit.
Use a means test for social security--for instance, those with pension incomes over $100,000 per year might be overqualified for social security payments.
Social Security/FICA payments should be required on all income.


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