Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Very Small Tea Party

Only 18% of the American population identies themselves as being members of The Tea Party. But by the coverage in all the media you would think it was over 50%. The Tea Party has grabbed the imagination of the media (not to mention taht if the angry maried republican white men over the age of 45 according to Thursday's NYT article []).

So why are we paying so much attention to this vocal--though one note "anti-government" except for when it affects them-- group? It might be that having a former vice presidential candidate --and former Governor--who is now a Fox News pundit (Sarah Palin) and Congressional Representative (Michele Bachman)are news worthy in themselves. While this group claims to be protecting the Cionstitution, it seems to be protecting their rights over those of others....

Where were these anti-government protesters during the Bush Adminstration--when the tax relief was only for the very very rich, the debt incurred for entering into at least one war will indebt our great grandchildren, when our infrastructure was failing at a major rate which lead to Katrina tragedy, when the banks and housing mortgage industry failed and we the tax payers bailed them out, so that they could realize a major profit????


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