Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arizona: Vigilante Paradise

The new immigration law in Arizona raises a few questions:

What does an illegal alien look like?
Can anyone prove that they are a citizen without carrying around their passport (BTW only 21.7% of Americans had passports as of November 2009) or birth certificate (I sure do not look like the 6Lb 1 oz 21 inch long baby listed on my birth certificate)?
Do Arizonians realize that there are many "Mexicans" living in Arizona who never moved out of Mexico, the borders just moved in 1848?
Do the Republicans think they will ever have the support of the Hispanic Vote?

Will any one vacation in Arizona again?

The Senate Fact Sheet memo for Arizona SB 1070:

And, for Senator McCain his support of this legislation is just a straight line from his support of Arizona's non-recognition of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday as a national holiday (1983), and his statement that endorsing an equal pay bill for women would just cause a flood of lawsuits (


what does MLK's bday have to do with immigration laws? and i doubt mccain has much disdain for the guy anyway-- considering MLK Jr. was a Republican (uh oh, i went there!).

what's happening in arizona is the fault of criminals that spit in the faces of those that came here the legitimate way-- no one else.
racism is racism is racism--against immigrants--legal or not, against civil rights leaders.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there are no Mexicans living in arizona right now that have been there since 1948.

nice try though.
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