Monday, March 22, 2010

A Baby Step

What passes and passed as health care reform last night is a baby step. Oh yes, I am glad that this step was taken--that 30 million people will now have affordable health insurance (but its not quite universal health care even by 2019), that the health insurance industry will not be able to renege on people's health insurance when they need it most, pre-existing conditions and all (but not until 2014). That for a fee, parents may cover their children's health care insurance until their children are 26. That access to reproductive health care will be affordable to all women

. . .Except for access to abortions---85% of the health insurance companies did cover abortions prior, but now women will have to make 2 payments for the same coverage. . . can you say GENDER DISCRIMINATION LIVES in the halls of Washington DC?

That there will be tax credits for small businesses to offer health insurance to their employees, and said tax credits are immediate...yet health care remains still very linked to employment.

But our elected officials did not take the one best step (IMHO) single payer -- the system is in place and working. There are 5 populations that are well served by a single payer governmental system--medicaid, medicare, Veteran's Administration, the military and prisoners.

But let us hope that with this one baby step, soon health care reform will be walking, and running!


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