Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Facts, Truth & other Things

It seems that there are two versions of the facts about Health Care Reform. The Democrats' version and the Republicans' version. Recent research has shown that these versions are strongly held. Unfortunately, while people may hold their own opinions, they can not make up their own facts.
The other day a friend was told that she had her facts wrong, because she only listened to mainstream media. And her friend knows the truth about health care reform because "[she] think[s] Glenn Beck is the ONLY middle of the road libertarian that is right on. I am NOT liking what Obama is doing .. the health care issue sucks.. How can these fools vote if they don't read the damn bill.. and we hire them to do it.. It's their job to read it. It takes 10 professionals just to interpret it.. The seniors are not organized.. they are reading the bill and siting [sic] specifics."

So, I suggest that we all read the bill for ourselves, and not rely on second hand sources...and, surprise we might find that there are no "death panels," for instance. We might not like the bill, for any number of reasons, but we do not have to make up lies and "sell" them as facts.

HR 3200:

We should also ask the media and politicians from both sides of the aisle to be responsible, and promote truth. Call people on lies, correct misinformation.
While we can disagree about the role of government in health care, for instance, facts are facts. Medicare is a government health care program.

Bill Maher on Rachel Maddow

NBC Survey

Daily Kos /Research 2000 poll

And, from Campus Progressives how we can civilly counter some of the tactics:


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