Wednesday, July 08, 2009

a LOL (or Aha!) moment

One of the Google (tm) ads that popped up on this blog after my short memo to Gov. Palin was for her newest pac: SarahPAC ( Trolling (phishing?) for new supporters, no doubt.
So, after a brief chuckle came the Aha! moment when I clicked on the ad which took me to the pac's webpage. SarahPAC claims at the bottom of its homepage that it is"not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee." Yet the main text notes: "Please note: There are many websites claiming to support Sarah Palin. is the ONLY political action committee authorized by Sarah Palin."
So I deduce: that since the Governor is not NOW a candidate, both statements on the surface are true.
I investigate a bit more:
The FAQ page answers the question about how donations will be spent as follows:

"Your support of SarahPac will make it possible for Gov. Palin to continue to be a strong voice for energy independence and reform. By supporting SarahPac, you will allow Gov. Palin to help find and create solutions for America's most pressing problems; priority number one is building a strong and prosperous economy that recognizes hard work, innovation and integrity by rewarding small businesses and hard working American families. SarahPac will support local and national candidates who share Gov. Palin's ideas and goals for our country. "

"[r]ecognizing hard work. . ." I am not that sure that she could (see Memo to Gov. Palin).

But as to the future GOP candidate, that is a different story. According to the Boston Herald today
"Romney leads all Republican presidential contenders, garnering 25 percent of the vote, edging out Palin (24 percent), former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (22) and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (14 percent) in the Rasmussen poll released yesterday."
The article continues with "The poll also found that 40 percent believe Palin’s resignation hurts her presidential hopes while 24 percent said it helps. But Palin still led all potential candidates in favorabiltyy with 76 percent. Romney was second with a 73 percent favorability rating."

S0, as a means to create a network of supporters--political and financial--the Governor's pac might be on to something.


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