Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Not Walking His Campaign Talk

We thought Obama was going to be the first"gay" president in the same vein that Clinton was the first "black" president. But all he has done is talk about gay pride.
He has done nothing but pass the hot potato --in the case of Don't Ask, Don't Tell --to Congress. And, now his administration in defense of the Defense of Marriage Act--remember that 1996 act signed into being by a bunch of serial monogamists and adulterers, that undid the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution? -- has liken same sex marriage to incest and pedophilia, while claiming to maintain a " cautious policy of federal neutrality." And the claim that marriage is traditional and universally recognized--sort of like the marriage of Chrysler to Daimler, I mean, Fiat????

So much about our pride!

1. re: Don't Ask Don't Tell
The President as Commander in Chief can decide that the national guard personnel who are being separated from the military due to DA,DT are critical to our national security and mission, as per the USMC, and keep them on, without an act of Congress, because this ability is already in the USC! Those personnel being separated are critical--they are linguists, for instance, and citizens. In their place we are recruiting foreign nationals. . .with the signing bonus that they will become American citizens on a fast track.

Or, the President can just issue an Executive Order that has the standing of law.

2. re DOMA

The President can order his/our Justice Department to really remain neutral, and not make an argument for a piece of legislation that is the antithesis of his campaign promise. Or, to file a brief that supports equality of same sex marriages. After all, same sex couples pay taxes just like heterosexual couples do, and thus, deserve the same benefits and recognition.

We need to pressure the President to do the right thing. Inequality is not tolerable, anymore! Here is his e-mail

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