Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farewell Good Bye Adieu

Tonight is President Bush's Farewell address to the nation. In my heart of hearts I would love it to be an apology--for an uncalled for war, for disregarding human rights and civil rights, for shredding the Constitution, for redefining justice, torture and the executive office, for continuing policies that have laid our economy in ruins.
But based on his last formal press conference, he will take responsibility for nothing--it was not his fault that he relied on faulty intelligence that lead to our preemptive invasion of Iraq --Operation Iraqi Freedom (and our development of more hatred towards and potential threats against America); that FEMA did respond correctly to Katrina (just tell that to the still displaced people of New Orleans and Gulf Coast).
His administration's legacy is one of total disregard for human rights and civil rights, an administration that operated without being accountable to the people of the United States which it was to serve, an administration that was flagrant in its disregard of the Constitution, of laws that Congress passed (signing statements,anyone), and of decisions of the Supreme Court not to mention international laws.
I will watch his address tonight and hope that he will be held accountable for his disservice to America.

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