Monday, November 17, 2008

Bush's legacy

In a little over 2 months the Bush administration era will be over and we will begin the celebration of an Obama presidency and the slow clean up of the Bush mess. In case you have a case of election eve celebratory amnesia, here is a quick run through of what 8 years of not paying attention to our Constitution ("just a goddamned piece of paper" according to Bush* ) and other "pesky documents" (a Bush quote about the Geneva Convention) can do: and . Not to mention that his ability to comprehend some of those documents is a little weak, for instance, on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights he ommitted those clauses which cause him seem to be contradictory to his governing--

But do not rest your vigilance...he and his are still in power until the January 20th passing of the torch...Bush is still using signing statements to change bills into the laws he wants--here is a list of all his signing statements
[The signing statements can also be found at]



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