Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Exercises

First, a moment of silence in respect for those men and women who have died serving in our military. . .giving your life is the utmost marker of patriotism for a citizen.

That being said, now a moment for a loud scream at this administration (and the previous one)
for a) their homophobia....openly gay and lesbian citizens can not serve in the US military even if they want to without compromising themselves ("Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Pursue) over 12,500 service personnel have been discharged because they told or someone told or accused them of being gay (how do you refute a negative?). In this time of war against Arabic and Farsi speakers, just in this past 5 years, we have discharged almost 60 Arabic linguists for who they may love. YET foreign nationals may serve; we are recruiting those without high school diplomas (or GEDs); and those with criminal records just need a waiver to serve (11.6% or 8,000 recruits have needed moral waivers because of their criminal records since Oct, 2006).
b) for the sanctimoniousness of this president who said in a interview on 5/13/08 that he gave up golf (!!!!) in 2003 out of respect for our troops during wartime. Oh what the ultimate sacrifice he made, NOT!
c) Though, most Americans have made not one sacrifice, nor have we been asked to do so. Even with the current oil prices, this president went hat in hand to the Saudis and asked for their help--as in increasing their oil output--to lower gas prices at our pumps. Needless to say, he was rebuffed. (Nor is drilling in ANWAR a solution--that limited oil would not be available for 3 years, and cost much more in environmental damage). Instead maybe he should have asked US oil companies, who have been making obscene profits lately, to pay a windfall tax...

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