Thursday, April 24, 2008

LX & Lilly vs The Senate republicans

Lilly Ledbetter brought a case of gendered pay discrimination to the Supreme Court [Ledbetter v Good Year 550 US XXXX (2007) ]. She claimed that she had been systematically discriminate against by being paid less than her male colleagues--they had been forbidden to talk about salaries among employees. She won in lower courts, it was appealed to the Supreme Court, where the men (5-4 decision)on the bench found that she did not act within 180 days of when she was 1st discriminated against--even though she did not know about it, because of the secrecy surrounding pay. (see )
This year, Congress tried to correct this bias for corporations. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act passed the House, and yesterday got stuck in the Senate. (see ) . (Not to mention that Bush has thrreatened to veto this act.)
As Justice Ginsburg said from the bench last year: This sets back women & civil rights!!!!

Yesterday was Fair Pay Day, and talking about this with LX, she reported:

The Facts: LX has been working at the mall store since November 2006. She has been named "Employee of the Month." She works 4 days a week (Friday- Monday). She is juggling school --honor roll--and a 10 month old baby boy--happy and smart (but then I am his GramJAM :)).
She makes $7.33/hour and was told she can get a raise when she turns 18 (in 3 months).

Meanwhile, a 16 y.o. young man was hired 2 months ago, he works 2 days a week and makes $7.50 an hour.

Both of them think this is unfair, and talked to an ass't manager--who said "you are not supposed to know each other's salaries..."

Discrimination is discrimination.

i'd like to join the crickets that read your blog in saying.

"get the fuck over it."

individuals are the ones who bring about inequality. not the country.
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