Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer as Humpty Dumpty

He was on the path to become the first Jewish President after he reformed NYS politics. But, instead he is poised to be indited for money laundering and transportation of a female over state lines for prostitution ( a violation of the Mann Act)*.
How did the crusader against crime, the "sheriff of Wall Street," the reformer who went to Albany fall from his perch--shattering into a pieces. Rumor has it that it was a bank that tipped off the US DA which began the investigation. Please note that the Gov when AG did not make friends with Banks, Wall Street among others.
Question: Who leaked this to the press? Another rumour I heard said follow the ties to the lead Republican in NY--Joe Bruno and his strong ties to the banking industry.
IMHO, Arrogance, power and thinking with his smaller head along living (and working) in a glass house, that has him in this position. He did prosecute prostitution rings--is it true that those who take the high moral ground, do so because of their own guilt and thus, have the furtherest to fall?

And, like Humpty Dumpty he will not be put back together again, nor will the trust he broke with the public.

* no "john" to the best of my knowledge has been accused of this crime.

p.s. While the fact that you had extra-martial relations with a prostitute IS a private matter between you and your wife, and daughters, it is also a public matter since you broke the laws you have sworn to uphold. (BTW, Pres. Clinton was impeached for perjury--lying about his sexual encounters with Ms. Lewinsky--not for the sexual encounters themselves.)

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