Saturday, January 05, 2008

We've only just begun....

What Iowa (and even New Hampshire) means in the long run in my humble opinion with my poli sci hat on : not much. It is only the first volley, though it does knock out some candidates who really are not in it for the long run. It will enable those in the front positions to fund raise. But history has shown us that the candidates need to keep on running....And, from now on we will see the jockeying for position between the top candidates for both the major parties.

Is Huckabee anything more than a likable rube from Hope? Don't just listen to him trade one liners with the likes of Jay Leno, or guitar licks with some band...we do not need a president who we want to hang out with, we want a president who can lead. Listen to what he stands for:
anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, more judicial appointments modeled on Scalia. He wants to eliminate income tax, but impose a sales tax---a factor probably in winning over some libertarian votes--this plan will end up hurting those with limited incomes a lot more...sales tax does not discriminate by your income, similar to Europe's VAT (Value Added Tax). He is NOT a change from one in office now.

Can Romney regain his stature as a fixer--or is he a Ralph Lauren model Mormon?

Will McCain resurface?

Will Obama have more than the audacity of hope? He needs to come out with workable programs for his policy proposals (his health care proposal needs a lot of tweaking!) He also needs to be able to work with Congress, if he gets elected, so he should learn the ropes there!

Can Edwards hold his own in New Hampshire or ride on someone else's coat tails?

Will Clinton stop triangulating? Will she use Bill's "Its the economy, stupid" and relate her proposals to the average American who is struggling today?

As I said, "we've only just begun..."

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