Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Signing Statement

Bush has done it again, subverted the rule of law and thus, not upholding the Constitution. Everytime he signs a bill into law, and adds that little "signing statement" that has become de rigueur with him he abuses his position and the law.
His latest signing statement was Monday 1/28 when he signed the National Defense Authorization Bill. The bill had a clause in it Section 1222 which stated that no permanent military base would be built in Iraq. This received little to no media press because it was upstaged by that evening's performance of the State of the Union address where he assured the American public that our troops would be coming home. Yet another lie to add to the 935 lies that got us into the mess that is Iraq.

Regarding the 935 Lies:

Regarding Saddam Hussein and WMD, etc.:

Text of the SOTU:

Signing Statement:

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