Saturday, December 08, 2007

Correcting Mitt

Mitt Romney's speech December 6th was an abomination of our founders' sentiments. He claimed that he would not "separate us from the God that gave us liberty. . .[or our] religious heritage" (italics, mine). While we have a lot of trappings of being a Christian Nation as the religious right would want --Sundays were for worship only until capital materialism began competing; and Christmas is a federal holiday--we are not a theocracy!
Our founders were adamant that our country was a secular one--the Constitution explicitly states that there is no religious test for public office; the separation of church and state, the anti-establishment clause and the freedom of religion --which is the freedom for and the freedom of religion-- is found in the First Amendment.

Now, I understand why and what Romney was trying to do, appealing to and appeasing the Religious Right as a voting block. He wants to get nominated and elected, this block is 22% of the vote. This block of the blinded by faith are not nuanced thinkers much less critically thinkers--their leaders pick and choose what they are to think (i.e., if they really followed the Bible ham would not be served for Christmas dinner, Norelco shavers would not be stockings, the other cheek would have been turned on 9/11...).

Religion has taken a public stance in our 21st century America courtesy of Reagan opening the door. But being religious is not a test of morality and we are not a theocracy. I would much rather hear our presidential candidates explain their concept of justice, and talk policy.

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