Friday, November 30, 2007


A bit more proof that we are living in a patriarchy where the almighty erection is worshiped:

From today's NYT Front page article on suppliers fighting to keep a Medicare boon While the article is on how much the government is being taken, it also is a reflection on our patriarchal culture.

"For example, last year Medicare spent more than $21 million on pumps to help older and disabled men attain erections, paying about $450 for the same device that is available online for as little as $108. Even for a simple walking cane, which can be purchased online for about $11, the government pays $20, according to government data. "

Need I also say that both Medicare and medicaid pay for Viagra, but not birth control...

And for a more humorous look at curing sexual dysfunction among other things:

BTW, I wonder if vibrators are covered by Medicare, especially since there are more senior women than there are senior men, women are a majority, and their needs should be covered :).

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