Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hint: Play to the Women Voters

Bob Herbert wrote about the impact women voters will have in the upcoming presidential election based on a lifetime poll. Women make up over 52% of the population, and if we register and vote, we can make a difference in the outcome. Women's votes are important especially when you consider that when women got the vote, politicians figured that women would vote as their fathers or husbands told them to, and we have seen the difference "Soccer Moms" made in the past. (What original state allowed women to vote until this was right was repealed in 1807? New Jersey!http://www.scc.rutgers.edu/njwomenshistory/Web%20Pages/WomS.htm )
It is very likely that more women will turn out at the polls because there is a woman candidate in a major party who is the front runner. (Who was the first woman to run for President? Bet your history books did not mention Victoria Woodhull, 1870 http://www.lkwdpl.org/wihohio/wood-vic.htm )

Yet the politicos are playing it as if only men vote on the so-called men's issues: defense, war, terrorism, economics. Women care about these issues and more: civil liberties, education, health care, childcare. . .


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