Monday, November 26, 2007

charity begins ...

According to Gina Trapani, raised $4,000 for Donorschoose.

I just read in Oprah's mag a piece that said something to the effect of instead of giving aunt blabla the $100 scarf, give her a $50 scarf and donate the other $50. I think that is one way to get people to be more generous.

While I am all for giving to charities so that persons in need can get out of need, I am a bit miffed that this current administration and the ones going back to Reagan, including Clinton's administration have been actively getting government out of the business of helping people, and trying to privatize charity (again).

As one of my friends said this weekend, "if you are rich the government helps you, to become richer" to which I added "if you are poor, its your fault, you are just not working hard enough according to the neocons of this administration. " It does not matter that you could work 3 full time minimum wage jobs and still not be able to afford adequate housing. That food stamps only allows you $21 per week per person for food.

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