Thursday, November 22, 2007

Black Friday Alternatives

Now that we have eaten our fill, some of us are planning to start the major shop until you drop.
The Friday after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday because this is when most retail stores leave the red ink side of the ledger and enter the black.
Many stores are offering inducements to shop. Some are opening very early, before the sun is even up.

For those of you who have too many things already, and whose friends also have a wonderment of abundance here are some alternative ways to use your money that will benefit others who really need ... Since 1944 this not for profit has been practicing the motto of "teaching a family to fish" rather than giving them fish to end world hunger. You can help a family by buying a cow (or a part of one) or a flock of chicks or a sheep or perhaps some bees. The family then passes on some of their gifts offspring to another family in their village. Truly the gift that keeps on giving. On this site you make a micro load to an entrepreneur in the developing world--you choose what business and how much-- helping to lift them from poverty. The loans get repaid, and you can re-cycle your original loan to some other business. On this website teachers ask for donations for specific projects or supplies. You choose the one(s) that fit your own wishes... This is Finca International's website. They make micro loans to poor women around the globe; empowering women as they try to eliminate poverty.

Of course, you can also make donations in the name of any of your friends or family to the charity of your own choice, too.

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