Friday, November 09, 2007

Almost the End of Employment Discrimination

Bella Abzug* is rejoicing, albeit 33 years later: The House of Representatives has passed a bill that will end discrimination of lesbians and gays (and people who others identify as lesbian and gay) in the workplace. In a 1975 press conference Bella declared that "[gays and lesbians] are a very extensive minority who have suffered discrimination and who have the same right to participation in the promise and fruits of society as every other individual."

The Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) still has to pass the Senate (but last time the vote was sooooo close, this time it is a definite possibility). Oh, and then the bill will land on the President's desk--he of course, has promised to veto it. Can we say homophobe and/ or hypocritical Christian and/or the anti-American Values (and Practices) President--you know those values we recite at the end of the Pledge of Allegiance, the ones in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and reiterated in the 14th amendment or maybe its easier to just say he is a plain old fashioned bigot?

Thirty states do not have laws that protect people from homophobia on their jobs (or potential jobs). People can be fired (or not hired) just because they "look gay" -- The Cracker Barrel Restaurant chain did this--firing good workers including heterosexuals because they thought the workers were gay. (Twenty states do have employment protections that extend to homosexuals). Here is a map

Some homosexual groups are opposed to ENDA because it does not extend employment protections to transgendered/transsexual persons. IMHO, these transsexuals are already protected by laws that prohibit discrimination based on sex. Transgendered persons, will be covered by ENDA if they are homosexual, or by the existing anti -discrimination if they are not, again IMHO.

For more information about discrimination against homosexuals:
In general
About ENDA

*Bella Abzug and Ed Koch introduced the very first version of ENDA in 1974!

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