Friday, October 05, 2007

Bush=Scrooge (before the Ghosts)

Bush's callous remark in July about the lack of health care for the poor and children " you just go to an emergency room" as an answer to our health crisis set the stage for the s-chip (state children's health insurance program) legislation he just vetoed .

That comment is very reminiscent of Scrooge's comment "Are there no poor houses?" when he is asked to make a contribution for the poor.

Bush's attitude is shows a lack of compassion, empathy and a total misread on the state of emergency rooms and their overuse affect on health care insurance for those who have it (public or private).

Oh, to have Bush (and company) have the visitation and conversion that Scrooge had. BUT Scrooge started poor, and therefore, the ghosts had something to tap into, Bush was born with the proverbial silver spoon.

It is people such as him that make me want a mandatory 2 year service requirement of all 18-22 year olds (no exemptions, just a delay). That service would either be military or a social service: building adequate housing, working as a teacher's aide, or in a clinic. Thus, not only would our military have a steady stream of soldiers, but we could help bring everyone up to the quality of life we think is minimal in America.

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