Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10/30/07 Dem Debate Awards

Last night's democratic debate was a "pile on Hillary" courtesy of leading questions by Russert and Williams.

Worse Case of Expectations not Met: Barack Obama who was expected to take on Hillary. He was hand fed the first question and dropped the ball ( to mix metaphors).

Best Line: Joe Biden. About Rudy: Rudy's sentences consist of " A Noun, a verb and 9/11."

Most Gentlemanly: Richardson. He admonished Edwards and Obama for picking on Hillary.

Most Senatorial, and thus, not pithy: Dodd. People get lost in the nuances that make foreign policy.

Losing the Point, and the Audience: Richardson. Cue people into the "I rescued someone from Abu Gharib" story...say what????

Most on Point, His point, that is : Kucinich. He brought everything back to impeachment.

Most Confident, and the Grace under Fire Award: Hillary. Boy, did she glare at the men in suits who could not look her in the eye when they attacked her---if looks could kill... But when she responded she was full of grace and composure.

And, then there were the UFO sightings --Unbelievable F***Obnoxious Leading questions Award goes to Tim Russert. No comment necessary.

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