Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sleeping at Night or Flip Flopping Away

I am not sure how some people sleep at night, except that I do know that there sure are a lot of commercials for sleep aids on the telly--well there are also a lot of ads for erectile dysfunction and restless leg syndrome ;there must be a crude Craig joke here somewhere :) .

I am not only writing about the presidential hopefuls who seem to change their positions depending on either who they are addressing, or who is holding the money, but sitting politicos.
The President -that lame duck who seems to be doing more harm everyday, yet the Dems who were elected to at least put a check on his unilateral power grab, and end that very expensive hunt for WMDs (oh, sorry, that was 3+ years ago reason for invading Iraq) have done NOTHING.

And when the people try to voice their opinions--they are relegated to "free speech zones." If there was a major protest in Washington, for instance would most of America even know about it? Or if some other crucial to our nation's democracy was happening, would we know about it?The news stations have a habit of becoming "All Britney/Paris/Nicole/and once again, OJ, All the time."

Here's a link to George Lakoff's latest piece on issue framing

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