Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Homophobia is alive and well, its illogical!

Just this past week a local across the river county legislator exposed his homophobia (along with 5 others) when he stood up for protecting marriage by not granting same sex couples the right to register for domestic partnership in Dutchess County. Oh, the sanctity of marriage. Funny, how Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate even though same sex couples have been marrying there for the past two years. (and when Ginny Apuzzo --president of the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center responded in the Poughkeepsie Journal, the reader response was, well read it for yourself...

And, then there's the "I am not gay" cry from the Republican senator from Idaho, Larry Craig , who performed a tap dance in the stall at an airport men's room or Florida State Rep Bob Allen who can only think of offering $20 for oral sex when confronted by big black men (can we say stereotype?) in a men's room ... and respectively.
[those funny Republicans seem to have a problem with sex (Craig,Foley, Vitter) with ethics (Abramoff, Stevens, Renzi) with compassion (Bush et al). . .but not with G*d and the Almighty dollar, but that is another blog for another day.]

And, Richard Rothstein pointed out today on Queersighted The Denver Post's columnist Al Knight's stance that "gay rights are not special rights" and then Knight points out all the rights homosexuals do not enjoy ...

Who thinks of such things? We should send them all a thank you note for making the reason why gay rights are necessary...

Dear Mr. or Mrs. (definitely not Ms.) Republican:

Thank you very much for feeling free enough to let your homophobia (and misogyny) show. Your homophobia (and misogyny), and your reasons for it, give others a better understanding why the fight for equal rights is a) important and 2) not dead.

Let freedom ring.


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