Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sex & the Surgeon General Nominee

Bush has nominated Dr. James Holsinger for surgeon general. This good doctor teaches health sciences at the University of Kentucky. he also not only endorses but founded a ex-gay conversion "recovery" ministry.
He has published papers on the problems with gay sex (read: anal sex) equating gay sex with death. If one assumes he means the possibility of contracting AIDS, then the good doctor should say that. But he seems to be beating around the bush (no pun intended). He claims that in heterosexual sex everything fits, and thus, there are no health concerns. Has this health educator not read the statistics about the incidences of AIDS in the heterosexual population? Not to mention that many heterosexual couples also engage in anal sex. . .

Do we want the chief health educator to have his head up his anus? Or should we demand that the chief health educator be conversant in medical practices, and not a religious fanatic. Or is nominee part of the Bush regime's plan to subvert reason and science with religon?

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