Friday, March 16, 2007

Gay in the Womb

Rev. Albert Mohler's march 2 website ( had an interesting post promoting prenatal treatment to reverse a fetus' sexual orientation.
This is very interesting, and very reminiscent of the play and film "Twilight of the Golds," for it changes the playing field for those members of the Religious Right.
One: It shows that homosexuality is not a life style choice. Who would choose to be discriminated against? And, if it is not a choice, than perchance we are ALL G*D's children--homosexual, heterosexual, transsexual/transgendered, bisexual, or asexual. And, thus, all deserve equal rights.
Two: What are the implications of using prenatal treatments? Is the Reverend suggesting that we play G*D in this instance? Than why limit it to prenatal treatments? Does this reasoning allow for stem cell research? End of Life issues?
Three: Who is to say that homosexuality needs to be corrected? What affect would that have on the world? If G*D creates all life...
Four: How easy it might be to move from prenatal treatments to aborting fetuses...would the Reverend suggest this? [This might keep abortion legal :) ]
When do we stop? Do we not allow fetuses with the gene for Huntington's Chorea--and thus, might not have the next Woodie Guthrie among us?

a. proof that if there is a G*D . . .
b. playing G*D

c. abortion...

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