Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sea Change? Not in Iraq

This president is not only arrogant, he does not listen to the advise from his Generals on the ground in Iraq...when they asked for more troops, he withheld, and NOW he wants to send in more troops.
More troops is not the answer. But then again, the question has been forgotten.

I have a hard time believing that you and the rest of your hippie cronies would've been like "YEAH, COOL!" when those generals wanted them.

I mean, I agree, I sided with the Generals, but we know damn well you guys didn't give a damn about what people with experience had to say.

When the country goes to war, liberals think they're all generals anyway.
The issue here is whether or not W is making sound decisions.

While I might not agree with the war in Iraq, we went there as aggressors and under false pretenses. The Presdient lied.
I do not want to put our troops in danger--W has done so from the get go. Having the sufficient number of troops there from the beginning, with proper armament and protection would have resulted in our troops being more successful sooner. The generals over there are professionals, they know what is needed to complete a mission. The President disregarded their advice. That, Anon, is arrogance.

P.S. Watch your assumptions--I respect what Generals say because they do not want their soldiers to die. I know, I have worked with quite a few.
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