Saturday, January 06, 2007

Born in the USA

The easiest way to become an American citizen is the be born in the USA. Most Americans could NOT pass the Citizenship Test--I know, I give the test to my students at the beginning of the semester. Yuki Lin was born here, and she was a New Year's baby...she also almost won the 1st Baby of 2007 and a $25,000 savings bond from ToysRUs, except her mom was not American. In the fine print, the corporation said the mother must be a legal resident. Most people, including staffs at the hospitals who must enter the information only read the promo material--addressed to "all expectant mothers".
ToysRUS may decide who they want to give their money to, but for all intents and purposes it is the baby who wins (and the hospital). ToysRUS is trying to open the Chinese market AND they do not exclude people from buying toys at their stores based on their immigration status.

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