Saturday, December 16, 2006

Exit Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld did a victory lap around the globe: Baghdad, Mosul and back to Washington to be feted this week. Unfortunately, he had no right to such a lap or celebratory party--his reign as Secretary of Defense has been abysmal at best. How could he have looked the troops in the face--the ones he sent into battle without proper armament, weaponry or force, not to mention without a battle plan and exit strategy?
How could Cheney call him "the finest secretary of defense that this nation ever had"?
This administration must be believers in positive speech and the gullibility of the media and historians. Remember the "Mission Accomplished" speech on the USS Lincoln just a few miles off the coast of California????
Let Rumsfeld's, and this administration's record speak truth to power, not their verbiage.

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