Friday, October 20, 2006

Got Democracy?

This administration are doing exactly what the terrorists wanted: they are destroying the fabric and values of America. And, its all done in double-speak that panders to fear ( Bush's signing of the Military Commission Act was in his words" a rare occassion when a president can sign a bill he nows will save American Lives" and prevent aother 9/11. See
We are now an agressor state --witness the war in Iraq.
Free speech only happens in Free Speech Zones which are usually fenced in areas far from the site of what might be protested, far from the sight of the public and the media(and to think I had thought the whole of the US was a free speech zone). (see article from the American Conservative :
We now torture--though we do not call it torture every since that infamous memo (1/22/o2 see for analysis) that re-defined torture.
We now can disappear enemies of our state, as defined by the President, and those disappeared have no recourse, no rights since the Military Commission Act has killed habeas corpus. (For a great commentary on this see Olbermann on Youtube: ).
We have become anti-immigrant: witness the fence we plan to build.

We need to re-claim demoracy and our American Values.

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