Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Re-defining "woman"

Not only does the "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act" (Senate Bill 51) sponsored by Senator Brownback (R-KS with 334 co-sponsors) and Rep. Christopher Smith (R-NJ, and 141 co-sponsors) in the House aim to call fetuses unborn children, it also redefines who is a woman:

"(6) WOMAN- The term `woman' means a female human being who is capable of becoming pregnant, whether or not she has reached the age of majority. "

Thus, post-menopausal females, infertile and sterilized females are not women.

Comments:, actually the all-knowing Dr JAM isn't correct.

All women are capable of becoming pregnant-- by nature. Even if they are BORN infertile they are STILL capble of becoming pregnant (science has come a long way has it not?). Men simply are not capable of having children. is that not the major characteristic which divides the male and female species??

And what is so wrong about calling an unborn fetus a human? The "thing" (as you'd love to call it probably) can feel pain inn only a few short weeks after conception. It's something that would not be there (in the womb) without a highly inricate, and natural process being completed successfully.

I really love the warlike attitude of the feminist movement as soon as you suggest that women just MIGHT be here on earth to produce children (and certainly not excluding other things, either).

I'm sorry but your movement is a joke.
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