Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Not So Silent Scream

Yesterday the Senate passed a bill that would make it a federal crime to transport a young girl across state borders to have an abortion (thus, bypassing parental consent laws). The Senator who proposed this bill said it would protect the health and safety of young girls! I guess young girls' bodies can handle pregnancy! And, pregnant young females who do not get proper pre-natal care, because they are keeping the pregnancy secret, are going to birth healthy babies?!? [BTW, there is little documentation that young girls ARE being transported over state lines for abortions; so is there even a NEED for this bill???] The House had passed a similar bill, and the resident of the White House eagerly awaits a conference version of the bill so that he might sign it (and add a signing statement??? I am VERY afraid of this signing statement. This is how W will win back his RR base).
WHY aren't the senators dealing with the more important issues--you know, the war in Iraq? Really trying to help the Mid East crisis by asking for an immediate ceasefire by Israel & the Hezbollah [ Condi is allowing more destruction (maybe so we can sell Israel more bombs???) ]. Or dealing with the lack of health care, or the fact that we have the highest rate of poverty ever--13% or 37 million people...

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