Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Politics not Patriotism

The latest" wrap yourself in the flag" Congressional Constitutional Amendment is over flag burning or rather, prohibiting the burning of the flag,--the political symbol--of our country. A few years back the Supreme Court held that burning or desecrating the flag was/is a form of political speech was covered by the First Amendment (Texas V Johnson, 1990).
The Flag Desecration Amendment is scheduled to be voted on by the Senate by week's end; it has already passed in Congress. Once again, this appears to be a political, not a patriotic action: meant to obscure what is really happening by chipping away at the Constitution.
One of the things the flag stands for is for our Constitutional Rights. Isn't it ironic, that this symbol is being used to squelch non-violent dissent?

The Senate vote was 66-34, one vote shy of that required to send the amendment off to the states for ratification.
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