Friday, June 23, 2006

More on Hypocrites

Our Congressional representatives serve not only with high pay, but they also get the best health care insurance/program. They do not have to worry about any illness or prescription costing them too much, bankrupting them.
Unfortunately, 46 million Americans have no health care coverage (one in six people). 29 million people are currently in medical debt--even those who started with health insurance and 70% of these people had health insurance): having to pay 20% of medical costs is costly!

Some propose to link health insurance to jobs and amount of about taking away a worker's freedom to change jobs or allowing bosses to hold the threat of dismissal over a worker's head. What of those people not working for wages (how we value people)--stay at home parents, students, etc. do they not deserve adequate health coverage?

If we want productive citizens, we need healthy citizens. Universal Health Care is imperative!

Demand that your representative work on this issue, not the ones they have been debating lately that affect only a very few such as excluding Estate Tax on the first 5 million Dollars.

Yea Socialism!!
And, you are (Anon 1) implying that the US has no socialistic policies? Can you say corporate welfare such as the Congressionally funded Market Access Program (MAP) created in 1985; MAP provides $90 million annually to companies to help advertise their products overseas, such as McDonald’s to promote items such as Chicken McNuggets.
Other companies that have received MAP funding include Sunkist; the Dole Company;and M& M Mars. British owned Pillsbury and the Japanese owned Wrangler Corporation also receive funding.

What about when the US bailed out Chrysler? or How about the subsidies given to farmers?

Corporate welfare is also socialism...shall we do without that?

BUT the point of the blog is that without healthy workers, there will be no productivity, and without productivity there goes the GNP.
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