Tuesday, April 04, 2006

When I am 96

When I am 96 I hope I can be as much of a spitfire as Granny D (Doris Haddock) is. Talking with a group of students and faculty last night, she inspired us with her passion, her voice growing stronger as she urged us all to make a difference. While she banged the gong loudly for Campaign Finance Reform, she was equally eloquent on the subject of citizen participation, and leaving both a democratic and environmental legacy in her wake, in our wake, for she was urging everyone to get involved to make this democracy a democracy.
She said it only takes 12 people to make change, to make a difference. But this one tiny woman walked across America alone when she was 90 to bring the media and our attention to the need for Campaign Finance Reform.
She is very techno savvy also...go visit her website at www.grannyd.com and read her speeches at www.democracyweek.org

end women's suffrage!
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