Monday, April 17, 2006

More Lies

This past week the media seemed to focus on Molly, the kitten stuck in the wall and the 2 children mauled/killed by mountain lion and bear, respectively. While the retired generals who are calling for Rumsfeld's dismissal for not paying attention to their concerns and needs on the front line in Iraq received some play in the media, the lies that brought us into Iraq, that made the USA an aggressor nation did not.
I got excited over some reports about the young girls who faked her kidnapping, and a report on the amount of lying for attention--the runaway bride, the faked sextuplets, the fake cancer--but the media did not go far enough:
What about the lies and the faked evidence that took us into a war? What of the lies of the President, the Vice President and the Secretaries of State--Powell & Rice and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld?
And, then there is the new White House Chief of Staff who wants to replace Sec. of the Treasury Snow with someone who would deliver the administrations message that the economy is better, better. For whom is it better? Surely no one who has to drive, or who has to eat. But then oil and food prices are not calculated into the cost of living, the indicators of our economy.
Lies,lies, and more lies.
When are we going to stand up for truth and democracy? Lying is NOT the American way.

Lying is not the American way? What the fuck are you smoking? Noam Chomsky, Mike Moore, Al Franken, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, TED KENNEDY have solidified careers based on lies.

Where's the outrage?
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