Sunday, February 05, 2006

Coretta Scott King

As Coretta Scott King lies in state, the first woman, and the first African American to do so in the Rotunda of Georgia's State Capitol it is fitting to remember that she not only carried on her husband's work, but expanded it to include all oppressed people--including homosexuals, the poor, and other minorities.
It is very sad to hear the president of the United States use her name and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s and memory in his State of the Union Address last Tuesday (1/31/06) when in reality he (and his administration) have gone out of their way to cut funding and programs for the poor, are willful homophobes ( see my blog entry for 1/31), and are continuing to promote teaching to the test (non) learning in his much hailed "Leave No Child Behind) as funding is cut for education on all levels.
Bush's use of her name, as he uses 9/11 makes me want to scream: NOT IN THEIR NAMES, NOT IN MINE!

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