Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Has any one noticed?

Has any one noticed that as the Bush administration supposedly build democracy in Iraq, the Bush administration has been dismantling democracy in the first modern liberal democracy: the United States of America?

And, I am not mentioning the sorry state of domestic policy--unfunded mandates such as No Child Left Behind, which unfortunately does nothing to educate and teach critical thinking skills, just memorization; the failure of FEMA; the lack of sufficient funding that might have prevented the loss of New Orleans; the failure to implement the basic necessities that would allow first responders to communicate with each other . . . All the while saying the economy is improving while more companies are laying off workers (and if we don't count the people who are no longer collecting unemployment, but are either underemployed or haven't found jobs--well then the picture is rosier).

Other Presidents have been impeached for a LOT less...

And, may I refer you all to the Declaration of Independence...

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